Castalla Transparent: the mayor has presented the Town Hall accounts to his neighbours

  • The mayor explained the management of the government team, the fiscal effort of the Consistory, the budgets and the subsidies received

The citizens of Castalla were able to see first hand the financial state of the capital of La Foia with yesterday’s ‘Castalla Transparente’ event in the municipal park. The mayor of the town, Antonio Bernabeu, publicly presented the Town Hall’s public accounts to the local residents. The mayor gave an account of the management of the government team during the current legislature and also detailed the budgets and the work carried out with the subsidies received.

The mayor explained that “the celebration of ‘Castalla Transparente’ is a way of showing the financial situation of the Town Hall, which we did in the previous term of office with great success, and which allows us to explain to our fellow citizens face to face how we who work in the Town Hall spend their money”. According to Bernabeu, “this is an act of institutional responsibility and public transparency, in which we have evaluated the policies carried out so far with the aim of showing the solvency of the Town Hall and bringing public management closer to the population”.

Thus, the main objectives of the presentation were to show the solvency situation of the Town Hall; to show the evolution of bank balances; to explain the execution and control of credit modifications and to give an account of the investments and subsidies obtained during the last legislatures.

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According to the information offered in ‘Castalla Transparente’, the Town Hall had 6,297,802.04 euros in bank balances as of 31st July. To this should be added the 6,000,000 euros that Castalla has stopped collecting with the reduction in the Property Tax (IBI) to residents in the period 2016-2022. A tax effort that would bring more money to the public coffers and that, in the end, has remained in the pockets of the local population.

Antonio Bernabeu also reported on the 23,870,000 euros that Castalla has earmarked for investment projects. Of the total, 5,852,000 euros came from the council’s own funds and the rest, 18,018,000 euros, from subsidies and aid received from business institutions (30.52%), the Diputación de Alicante (11.94%) and the Generalitat Valenciana (57.54%).

In order to present this information, the Town Council has obtained the data from the accounting records of the Consistory, the minutes of the intervention, the data of contracts from the secretary’s office and municipal contracting, as well as the minutes of the ordinary and extraordinary plenary sessions.

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