Enric Valor, protagonist in Castalla during the celebration of the V ‘Feria de la Fantasía’

  • The Department of Culture has presented 4 days of activities with dramatised routes, a scape route, talks and exhibitions about the writer

The figure of Enric Valor will be the protagonist of the V ‘Fantasy Fair’, which will take place in Castalla between 20 and 23 October. This proposal of the Department of Culture is dedicated to deepen between the figure of the renowned writer castellut and the capital of the Foia. To do this, the City Council has presented a full program with four days of varied activities: dramatized routes, the scape route ‘La rondalla perduda’, talks and exhibitions. All of this centred on the life and work of Enric Valor, who was posthumously awarded the High Distinction by the Generalitat Valenciana at the 9 October Awards.

The ‘Fantasy Fair’ is organised by the Castalla Town Council, the Enric Valor Chair of the University of Alicante (UA) and the Castellut Cultural Centre. It also has the collaboration of the Coordinadora Alcoià i Comtat pel Valencià, Escola Valenciana, the Valencian Museum of Ethnology, the Ruta de Rondalles Valencianes and Escaparate Digital.

The Councillor for Culture, Saúl Mira, explained that “the Fantasy Fair is a celebration that we have consolidated in the cultural calendar of Castalla thanks to the importance of the figure of Enric Valor. This year we are celebrating the fifth edition and we invite the whole town to get to know the literary heritage of the writer and his relationship with our city. The councillor assured that “the programme allows the whole family, children, but also adults, to get closer to the figure of our most renowned writer through all kinds of activities”.

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On Thursday 20th October, the fair will kick off with the presentation of the ‘Ruta de les rondalles valencianes’ (Route of the Valencian rondalles) through a participatory table at 7.30pm in the Casa de Cultura. This is a project for the structuring of the rondalla resources of the Valencian towns and villages.

The following day, Friday the 21st, the opening of the exhibition ‘La rondalla dibuixada’ by Francesc Santana will take place at 19:00, also in the Casa de Cultura, where the original illustrations of ‘Les rondalles valencianes’ by Enric Valor will be on display. Then, at 19:30, Santana will give a talk on “Drawing fantasy: the illustrations of Enric Valor’s Rondalles valencianes”.

Saturday 22nd October will begin early, with the literary route to Planisses ‘Tiempo de batida’, starting at 8:30 a.m. from the ‘Creu Vermella’ in Castalla. In the afternoon, at 18:00 there will be a performance of the play ‘Comencilda, Secundina i Acabilda’ by Testa Teatre. To end the day, from 19:00 the Plaza Mayor will host the ‘Fiesta Valor’ with the celebration of a night of rondallas.

Finally, Sunday 23rd October will be the last day of the fair. From 10:30 am the fantasy book fair will take place, with the fantasy market, muixerangues and a performance by the Colla El Sogall. At 11:00 am the historic centre of the city will be the setting for the dramatised route by Tres Teatre. At midday, the artist Dani Miquel will perform in the Plaza Mayor with the children’s show “Una fiesta de fantasías” at 12:30.

In addition, throughout the week there will be a scape route ‘La rondalla perduda’, inspired by Enric Valor to discover the city in a playful way. Those interested can access this activity through their mobile phone or tablet with internet connection, without having to install any app or programme, at the address escapede.es.

Cartell Fira de la Fantasia

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