Castalla Town Council plenary session approves application for IVACE aid for industrial estates

  • The Consistory will opt for 600,000 euros corresponding to the 2023 annuity for the improvement and modernisation of three industrial estates in the city

The Castalla Town Council Plenary has approved to apply for grants from the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) for the improvement, modernisation and provision of infrastructure and services of the Industrial Estates (IP), corresponding to the year 2023. This call refers to the industrial estates UZI-6 ‘El Riu’, ‘UA II’ and UZI-5 ‘Bastá’. The decision was taken unanimously in the extraordinary plenary session held last Wednesday.

The mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, has positively assessed the decision of the municipal plenary. According to the mayor, “the constant improvement of Castalla’s industrial estates is essential for our companies to be able to compete at the forefront, with facilities that meet all the needs they have in their daily activities”. Bernabeu stated that “from the Town Hall we are working to offer Castalla companies all the tools they need to do their best in today’s economy”.

Through this line of aid from the Generalitat Valenciana, the Consistory castellut will be eligible for 600,000 euros, 200,000 euros for each of the industrial estates. This investment will help to continue with the municipal work that aims to make these facilities more attractive for future investment and promote their growth. This has been done during the year 2022 in the ‘Bastá’ and ‘El Riu’ IPs. For its part, the aid for the PI ‘UA II’ will go towards the construction of a new industrial building to house the municipal employment workshops.

For her part, the councillor for Town Planning, Raquel Guill, has insisted on the intention of the Castalla Town Council to “build the best business environment for our city, with a constant improvement of the industrial estates so that they meet all the conditions needed by the companies of Castalla, where industry has a special role, as in the whole region”.

The Town Council has invested 430,468 euros of this aid in the industrial estates ‘Bastá’ and ‘El Riu’ during 2022

During the year 2022, the Castalla Town Council has already benefited from IVACE grants. Thanks to them, the Consistory carried out improvements in the industrial estates of the town for a value of 430,468 euros. These were divided into 240,468 euros for the Industrial Estate ‘El Riu’ and 190,000 euros for ‘Bastá’.

Through the subsidies the Consistory has undertaken the following tasks: creation and improvement of green areas, environmental and landscape regeneration; installation of vehicle charging points; improvement of street lighting; horizontal and vertical signage of parking for people with reduced mobility to promote accessibility to the area; civil works for the future implementation of fibre optics; installation of a stretch of bike lane and road and fire network improvements.

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