Castalla celebrates its fourth Women’s Week for 8M with workshops, talks, cinema and ‘scape room’

  • The Department of Social Welfare has prepared a wide-ranging programme to celebrate International Women’s Day from 6 to 11 March

Castalla Town Council has presented the fourth edition of its Women’s Week with a wide-ranging programme to commemorate International Women’s Day on 8th March. The Department of Social Welfare has prepared all kinds of activities that will be spread over six days, including workshops, talks, film sessions or ‘scape room’ focused on the theme of women, equality and feminism.

The councillor for Social Welfare and Equality, Maite Gimeno, has highlighted “the continued work of the City Council for equality between men and women, as this is the fourth edition of Women’s Week that we organise in Castalla, with the participation of a large number of people from our town”. According to Gimeno, this “has helped to raise awareness among our citizens and to make progress in terms of real and effective equality. For this reason, we encourage the entire population to participate in the activities that we propose”.

During the days leading up to 8M, the City Council has programmed multiple proposals for all audiences. The events will begin on Monday 6 March, with a yoga workshop for beginners, which will take place in the Municipal Sports Centre in the morning. On the 7th, the Auditorium will host the self-care workshop ‘I deserve to take care of myself’, given by Marina González from SALUDHABLE.

The main event of the week will take place on the 8th March, International Women’s Day. The morning will begin with a badge workshop and ‘Pasapalabra’ in the Casa de Cultura. At midday, at around 12:00 noon, there will be a reading of the institutional manifesto for 8M with the aim of raising our voices to commemorate this important day for women. In the afternoon there will be a ‘scape room’ called ‘Join the movement’, a fun activity to reflect together.

The events do not end here. Thursday 9 March is the time for the ‘Herstory’ workshop, an initiative to explore the voice of women scientists, in the Espai Jove. The following day, Friday 10th, Carolina Bornay will be giving a talk in the morning on ‘Empowering self-support, taking care of your self-esteem’ in the Municipal Auditorium. Finally, on Saturday 11th March, the film ‘Figuras ocultas’ (Hidden Figures) will be shown in a free cinema session at the Casa de Cultura.

For her part, the coordinator of the Social Services area, Mónica Martínez, has encouraged the population “to participate in all the activities we have prepared for the IV Women’s Week, which has established itself as a benchmark for the feminist movement in Castalla”. According to Mónica Martínez, “thanks to the collective work we do with people of all ages and social groups, we continue to make progress in gender equality to build a better city for everyone”.

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