Castalla constitutes its new Corporation with Jesús López as mayor by absolute majority

  • The Castellut City Council is constituted with 9 councilors for the Popular Party, 3 for Compromís, 2 for PSPV, 2 for Cs, and 1 for Vox

The Plenary of Castalla has elected Jesus Lopez Blanco as the new mayor of the municipality, which has been enough the nine votes of his municipal group to achieve the rod of command. The first mayor has taken office in the plenary session of constitution of the City Council held on the morning of Saturday June 17. Along with him, the rest of the councilors who complete the local Corporation have also sworn or promised the Constitution, in the presence of friends, activists and relatives of the new councilors. Thus, the 17 councilors that make up the corporation, among which there are many new faces, are distributed as follows, according to the results of the local elections that took place on May 28: 9 for the Popular Party (PP), 3 for Compromís, 2 for the Socialist Party of Valencia (PSPV), 2 for Citizens (Cs) and 1 for Vox.

The head of the local government, Jesus Lopez, said in his first statements in office that “it is an immense pride to be the mayor of Castalla and lead this government team, from which we will work tirelessly to improve the lives of all residents of our city over the next four years.”

Thus, the alderman has taken over from his predecessor, Antonio Bernabeu, who has been at the head of the Consistory for the last eight years in coalition with the Socialist Party. However, Bernabeu did not attend the investiture plenary to collect his councilman’s certificate, as he had announced days before, “with the aim of giving the baton to new faces that can awaken the enthusiasm of our fellow citizens”.

For his part, Jesus Lopez stressed that “the team that we are about to culminate starts with enthusiasm and energy this legislature with the aim of being the government of all citizens of Castalla whether or not we have voted in the municipal elections”. According to Lopez said, “we will give the best of ourselves and return the trust and hopes that citizens and the social and business community of Castalla has placed in us and in our project.

During his proclamation speech, which took place in the Municipal Auditorium, Jesus Lopez has advanced some of the main lines of work that will promote his government team in this legislature. Among others, Lopez Blanco has highlighted the creation of a municipal commission for citizen participation to address the issue of photovoltaic plants, completion of all stalled or unfinished projects (Casa Enric Valor, Reform of the old town hall, Casa Paco Rico), Review of all sports facilities, and above all, “expedite the procedures for the construction of a residence for the elderly, a multipurpose social center where to locate the association Despertar and a new headquarters for the Musical Association Santa Cecilia”.

Also, it will be in the coming days and also in the next municipal plenary where the distribution of delegations between the councilors and councilors who make up the new government team will be accounted for.

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