Castalla allocates for the first time a remuneration to the opposition for their work in the Town Hall

  • The municipal groups represented in the Plenary will also have working spaces in the Municipal Auditorium

The Castalla government team has for the first time allocated a salary to the opposition for their work in the Town Hall. The spokespersons of the municipal groups represented in the municipal plenary will receive a gross annual salary for their dedication. In addition, they will also have their own work spaces in the Municipal Auditorium and a corporate e-mail address. This was decided by the Corporation during an Extraordinary Plenary Session held yesterday.

The Mayor of Castalla, Jesús López, declared that “for the first time, the people who work in the opposition in Castalla are going to be paid for their work, as well as receiving better equipment to carry out their work”. The mayor explained that “the opposition has a very important job, which helps to improve the management of our city, and in this way we also contribute to dignify the exercise of politics, with a symbolic recognition, but also economic, to the work done in this area.

In this way, the councillors who act as spokespersons for their political groups will receive a salary for their work, in accordance with the number of councillors who make up each group. This is a historic event in the capital of La Foia, as it is the first time that the work of the opposition has been recognised in the functioning of the Town Hall with an economic remuneration registered with the Social Security.

Thus, the allowances will depend on the number of councillors. Therefore, the party with one or two councillors will receive 4,494.20 euros gross per year; from three to four councillors, 6,741.30 euros gross per year, and those representing five or more councillors will receive 8,877.40 euros gross per year.

On the other hand, the government team has provided a place for the opposition to work in the Auditorium, as the building of the old Town Hall is still under construction and, therefore, there is no space available at the moment in the municipal offices. This is a temporary measure, as as soon as these works have been completed, the opposition will also have an office in the Town Hall.

Political groups also receive financial support
Likewise, the political groups constituted in the Town Hall will also receive a financial endowment, as usual. Each political group will receive 100 euros per year. In addition, this endowment increases according to the number of councillors: from one to three councillors will receive 751.27 euros more per group; up to six councillors, 1,502.54 euros; up to eight councillors, 2,003 euros and up to thirteen councillors, 3,756.33 euros.

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