Castalla receives a 187,379 euro grant from the Diputación for the provision of social services

  • The aid is intended to assist people in vulnerable situations due to the economic and energy crisis, as well as the reception of refugees from Ukraine

Castalla Town Council has received a grant of 187,379 euros from the Diputación de Alicante. The aid is intended to assist people in vulnerable situations, through the Department of Social Welfare. The councillor responsible for the area, Magdalena Berenguer, said that “thanks to this aid from the Diputación we will be able to provide better conditions for all the residents of Castalla who are in a situation of vulnerability and need our attention”.

The line of aid is aimed at municipalities, EATIM and Commonwealths of Social Services, with the aim of helping these entities to assist people in vulnerable situations. In general, the subsidy is to be used for benefits for extraordinary situations, due to the economic and energy crisis. It can also be used for the reception of refugees from Ukraine.

Thus, the mayor Berenguer stressed that “this is a very important boost for our area of Social Welfare, which can address all the needs and vulnerabilities that exist in Castalla with better guarantees thanks to these 187,379 euros”.

In this regard, the Castalla Social Services Department explained that they will work to guarantee sufficient income for families; ensure the coverage of basic needs, whether they are emergency or insertion needs; the purchase of basic necessities (food, hygiene items, clothing, medicines, nappies and other children’s products, school supplies, rental costs of the usual housing, etc.); and help for households in energy poverty to ensure minimum access to water supplies, electricity, gas and other sources of energy fuel. All of this with the aim of ensuring a dignified life for all families in Castalla.

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