Castalla signs the deeds of occupation of the land where the new electricity substation will be located

  • The equipment will allow energy to be discharged at the Bastá TS and meet the growing demand for the economic, social and urban development of the Foia de Castalla

Castalla Town Council has signed the deeds of occupation of the land where the new ST Castalla electricity substation is to be located. The signing of the deeds, the first step prior to the occupation of the land, took place on 1 March at the municipal offices. The transformer substation facilities will have a capacity of 220/132 kv and will occupy an area of 22,220 m2.

The construction of this new facility will make it possible to supply the growing energy demand of the Foia de Castalla region for its economic, social and urban development. This initiative has the collaboration of the local business community and the participation of Red Eléctrica and Iberdrola. In this regard, the mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, stressed the importance of the ST Castalla “with the signing of the acts of occupation we are fulfilling a need to be able to build the new electrical substation, a fundamental infrastructure for the industry of our region”.

The action is of a public utility nature and is determined by the compulsory expropriation dossier. Thus, the construction of the new facilities requires the corresponding administrative authorisation.

The construction of the ST Castalla is the culmination of the demands made and carried out by the different local governments of the towns directly involved, as well as by business organisations and bodies over the last 20 years. All these actors agree on the need to have a sufficient and adequate supply of energy.

Thus, the new ST Castalla, will be the appropriate and necessary complement to the existing ST Bastá, which came into operation in 2017. In this way, the new substation will enable the discharge of energy that will be transported to the ST Bastá, to complement the necessary supply, to meet the growing demand for energy, for the economic, social and urban development of the region of Foia de Castalla.

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