Castalla Town Council promotes a conference on egalitarian sport for the students of all the primary schools in the municipality

  • Athletes participating in historically masculinised or feminised sports will give the talks, to which all schools are invited

The Castalla Town Council has promoted a conference on egalitarian sport for the pupils of all primary schools in the municipality. Gender equality is a basic notion in the achievement of a truly fair, equitable and respectful society. Nowadays we witness daily dynamics and acts that make clear the importance of raising awareness and educating future generations in equality.

It is for this reason that the Department of Social Welfare of the Castalla Town Council, within the framework of actions planned in its first Municipal Plan for Equality, has organised this coming Thursday, 30 March 2023 a talk with three athletes who belong to different disciplines that have traditionally been assigned to a particular gender.

The talk will take place in the Municipal Auditorium of Castalla, located in Maestro Serrano Street, in two shifts: the first will start at 9.30 am and will be attended by students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade of all primary schools in Castalla. The second shift will start at 11.00 h. and the audience will be made up of first, second and third year primary school pupils.

There will be three speakers: Mireia Rodríguez Salvador, judo player; Eryka Soriano de Rojas, hammer thrower; and Álvaro Pradas Salvador, rhythmic gymnast. The talk will consist of a horizontal conversation between the attendees and the speakers, where topics such as discrimination in sport, gender stereotypes and the personal experiences of each of the guests will be discussed.

The aim of the event is to bring the boys and girls of the town closer to sports that they may not have dared to try for fear of social criticism, as well as to raise awareness and educate them in equality, so that they leave gender stereotypes behind and practice the sport that they are truly passionate about.

These colloquiums are carried out in collaboration with the social consultancy EQUÀLITAT, participació i igualtat and are financed by the Generalitat Valenciana.

The Castalla Town Council stresses the need for the children of the town to grow and develop in full freedom and without any discrimination, as a guarantee of their rights and happiness.

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